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So as you know, TikTok has 150millon active daily users. That means you have a higher chance of getting more views on your TikTok videos.
More views mean more fame and more likes. So basically if you want to get more likes on your TikTok profile, you have to get more views on your TikTok videos.

So the question is how to get more views on TikTok?

First, I will tell you about the TikTok algorithm and how the TikTok algorithm works, and then I will tell you Five Pro Tips that you can apply to get more views on your TikTok videos with bonus points.

TikTok Algorithm Explained

Why understanding the algorithm is vital in TikTok?
If you are the new user of TikTok and want to get famous or want more views on your TikTok videos, then you should understand the algorithm of TikTok and how it works.
If you are working hard and making good content and still not getting any views or likes on your TikTok videos that is because you do not understand how TikTok is promoting your videos to other users of TikTok and understanding how TikTok promote your videos to other that’s when TikTok algorithm comes in play.

TikTok Algorithm – 

There is a “For You” Page in TokTok where you can find all types of videos in one place of your interest that is where the TikTok algorithm comes into play if you want your videos to be there in your friends or everyone mobile you need to follow this 5 Pro Tips to get more views on your TikTok videos and Get Found on everyone “For You” TikTok app. 

"For You" Page TikTok
“For You” Page TikTok

Here are 5 Pro Tips To Get More Views On TikTok 


Popular Hashtags On TikTok
Popular Hashtags On TikTok
It is a useful and straightforward way to get more views on TikTok.
People love to listen to trending songs.
So if you give them good content with those songs, it will be a higher chance of getting more views on TikTok.
Even if you are new on TikTok, you will get more views, and people will love your content.



The best method which can boost your followers and views on TikTok always tries to make original content which no other creator already made. Just try to be innovative and be patient.
If your content is original and as well as it is viral content, your video will boost up, and it has a higher chance that your video went viral.

3 ) Skills play a significant part in this –

Try to show them your talent. I mean any skills that you have in you.
Like dancing, singing, magic tricks, or any other skills you have, you can show your audience how you are and what are your skills.

People love to see new & exciting content.

I’m saying again that content is the king.

TikTok is a big app, and they have a good core team, so it is not possible for you to copy someone else and be famous by doing that. You have to be original and try to show your skills to others.


You Can Try
This is one of the best methods to be famous and gain more views on TikTok in a short time. 

Although it’s tough for you to collaborate with other famous TikTok users at the beginning if you try to contact them, it will help you. Because they have already established a fan base and auditions so if you collaborate with them, their auditions will definitely show some interest in your profile to which in the end help you to gain more views on ticktock, and it will boost your profile too. 

If collaboration does not happen, try to make the duet with them and remember to outperform them with your performance.


  • Always be active and regular with your videos.
  • Using TikTok app features like “For your” page, challenges, etc.
  • Use other social media sites for your videos. 
  • Always share your videos on other platforms
  • it is your dedication and hard work which makes you famous & popular in the right way.

Summing Up 

TikTok is a big platform to showcase your talent to the world and get famous . all you have to do this is to make good content which people will love and if you think you are doing that and still you are not getting views & likes follow this steps that we discussed earlier.

Breaking News – Now TikTok Has More users than Instagram, So It is Now, or Never All You Have To Do Is Work Smarter Not Harder.

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