Top 3 Best Camera Apps for iPhone In 2020


This is the complete round-up of the best camera apps for iPhone right now in 2020

This is the complete round-up of the best camera apps for iPhone right now in 2020. And after testing them all out, I'll share my top recommendation, The best camera app which iPhone can ever have.

Now these days with a quick app install, you can instantly unlock a ton of advanced functionality to take your results even further when you're creating videos with your iPhone. There are a lot of apps out there to choose from though and they certainly aren't made equal. So in this article, we're gonna take a look at each of the best camera apps for iPhone right now and then get to my choice for the number one app after putting them all through their paces. 

Top 3 Best Camera Apps for iPhone In 2020

Best Camera App for iPhone

Now there are lots of options. Some of them are great and some of them are not so great and not worth your time at all. So we're gonna skip the ones that aren't worth your time and jump straight to our shortlist of the top options. Now each of them has advantages and disadvantages, including different features, different levels of complexity, and different pricing models.

These apps will let you unlock DSLR like settings or pro camera like settings from your iPhone. Unlocking features like your ISO, your shutter speed different frame rates, different resolutions, different bitrates, all to give you access to get the most out of your iPhone camera. 

Also, to give you the ability to lock everything down and to set everything up the way that you want it. So, that ability or those features are going to be consistent across all of the apps that we are mentioning.


The first one on the shortlist is MoviePro. Now, this is on that we've been using and recommending for quite some time now, and this app really packs a punch. 

MoviePro best camera app for iPhone

Features - 

  • It's a really clean interface, but it makes it really quick to be able to access different things like the manual settings down in the left-hand corner or to be able to quickly see your audio bars and audio levels on the left-hand side. 
  • There's also quick access to things like focus peaking, like Histograms, like your scopes, right down the bottom as well. So, if you are more on the professional side of things, then you've got all of this included in the app as well. The whole menu layout is really simple as well. It's literally just one scrolling menu so you don't have to jump into a heap of sub-menus and menus upon menus to find things. It's literally just one page that you scroll through. 
  • This app also supports direct uploading to Dropbox, so if you do want to create your files and have that automatic backup happening that's, maybe, not going just to iCloud or iPhotos, then yeah, that's a pretty cool feature. 
  • You also have hardware support here for things like anamorphic lenses or 35 mil lenses directly from within the app too. And there's also a remote control that you can enable with this app as well. So, if you do have a second iOS device, you can install the MoviePro remote app, enable it on here, and you can remotely control and monitor your recording from a separate device.

Downsides - 

    I do think that the exposure control, while it's good, and while you can lock everything down, Also I think it's as good as you get in the next apps that we are going to cover. So, it's definitely not a deal-breaker and there's really nothing wrong with it, but the implementation of the exposure control is not as good as it is in the next two apps. In regards to the overall layout and look of the interface, I would say it seems or feels less professional than some of the other interfaces that we're gonna show you really soon.

    Pricing - 

    Now, in regards to pricing, then, MoviePro sells in the app store for $9.99 currently. This is a one time purchase, $9.99, Not a subscription or anything. And, obviously, as I mentioned earlier, you can also then use that remote for free as well. That's not an additional purchase. 

    Last Word - 

    So, I would say MoviePro is going to be great for anyone at that beginner level right through to advanced because of how intuitive and how fun and how easy the interface is, but it still packs a lot of the advanced features and the advanced functionality in there to service a more advanced user as well.

    2.FiLMiC Pro

    So, the next one on or shortlist is then is FiLMiC Pro. Now, this is really the OG of third part or aftermarket camera or apps-professional camera apps- on smartphones. These ones have been around since almost day one and, for a lot of people is the go-to or the industry standard when it comes to these sorts of apps. There have been lots of people who have used FiLMiC Pro to create documentaries and even feature films. 

    So, in regards to the overall interface, it's actually pretty easy to use. It's pretty easy to get up to speed, to find everything, to either use full-auto modes or to lock everything down into manual. I personally think it's a cleaner interface with a lot less clutter than MoviePro, but at the same time, you can't access as many things from the dashboard or the main screen as you can in MoviePro without diving into some of the menus. 

    FiLMiC Pro Best Camera App iphone
    Image Source - handheldhollywood

    Features - 

    • What I like about FiLMic Pro is how easy it is to lock down your exposure and your focus. Just moving the circle and the square around on the screen is the simplest way to lock those down. Or, if you wanna dive into the manual settings and get more granular control, then you can take that a step further by long pressing on them and bringing up the advanced controls. Just like the MoviePro, you do have quick access from the front screen here to things like focus peaking, to zebra lines, to the histograms, to the scopes. Again, all from a quick button press on this main screen. 
    • The setting area, for the most part, is broken up into logical areas. Obviously, if you want to adjust your resolution or your frame rate or your audio, you're going to dive straight into those areas.  Here, you are diving in and out of these separate categories to find where everything is. 
    • hardware support - this is where FiLMiC Pro really stands out. It has the most amount of hardware support out of any of the apps on iOS, with support for things like Gimbal Stabilizers, like the DJI OSMO Mobile, or the Zhiyun Smooth 4. And you've got anamorphic lenses and 35mm lens support in there as well. 
    • Aspect ratios - In FiLMiC Pro, you also can overlay different aspect ratios, different masks, or black bars into your footage. And you can also crop your videos to change the aspect ratios you are creating your videos at. So, if you wanna create something in super widescreen, 2.2:1 or 2.39:1, you've go those options here. 
    • Bitrate - One thing to note, though, is that the app doesn't tell you the exact bitrate that is recording at. When you're looking at the bitrate or the quality settings of the videos you're recording, your options are really economy, apple standard, so whatever you get in the standard built-in the camera app, FiLMiC quality, which is higher than what you get in the built-in the camera app, and FiLMiC Extreme, but nowhere does it say that FiLMiC Extreme is equivalent to 100 megabits per second or 200 megabits per second. 
    • Level of control -  The other thing that I really like about FiLMiC Pro is the level of control that you get over the color or the look of the videos that you are creating. You're not just limited to adjusting the white balance or the color temperature.
    • Cinematographer kit -  they also have an in-app purchase for what they call a cinematographer kit. And that unlocks additional color profiles and looks with a log mode in there that you can enable, but also full customization to really dial everything in to get that look that you are after. You can even get as granular as adjusting the RGB, or red, green, blue values to make them look that you would like directly in the app. 
    • FiLMiC Pro Remote App - FiLMiC Pro has a FiLMiC Pro remote app, but it is an additional purchase. But, this will give you the ability, once again, to use an additional iOS device to be able to monitor and control a primary device that you are using to create your videos. 

    Pricing - 

    So, in regards to pricing then, FiLMiC Pro sells for $14.99. It is an additional expense to grab that cinematographer kit, which is an additional $13.99. But, really considering what you're getting, it's an absolute no brainer if you want that level of control when you're creating your videos. 

    For the FiLMiC Remote app, that is, again an additional purchase for $9.99 currently. But, again, you're only gonna need that one if you've got an additional iOS device and you wanna be able to remotely control or monitor FiLMiC Pro from a separate device. 

    Last Word -

    So FilMic Pro makes into the top 3 best camera apps for iPhone in 2020. I think FiLMiC Pro would be perfect for someone at that intermediate level through to the advanced users. It's easy enough for you to jump in, for you to find everything and get up and running, but, I really think the people that are going to get the most out of this are the advanced users. 

    Now, this isn't to say that an absolute beginner couldn't jump in here and do everything that they need to in here, it would definitely be enough for that as well, but I would say that if you aren't interested in a lot of these advanced features and things, I wouldn't want you to get overwhelmed with the interface and with all of those features that something like MoviePro may be a better option for you. 


    mavis Best Camera Apps for iPhone In 2020

    So that brings us to the third one on the shortlist, which is Mavis, I would say this one definitely has the most professional-looking interface. This is definitely going to scare some people if you're an absolute beginner. But, if you're a pro, you're gonna love it. Just like FiLMiC Pro, you've got control over pretty much everything in this app. I definitely think it is more complicated and less intuitive to use than FiLMiC Pro, or MoviePro, but, again, once you get your head around this and work out where everything is, you will be able to use this app really quickly as well.

    Features - 

      Interface - So with the interface, you've got quick access to a lot of features in here, but they are far more detailed, or far more advanced than the other apps. So, just bringing up the exposure setting, for example, you're able to switch between manual, you're able to use the shutter slider down the bottom to brighten to darken or shot, or to adjust your shutter speed, or you can kick it over to target which is where you've got to place that target somewhere on the screen, just like you could on FiLMiC Pro, and MoviePro, to adjust the exposure for that given point.

      Bitrate - Now, unlike FiLMiC Pro, in this app, you can manually specify the bitrate that you want your recording at, anything from 10 megabits per second up to 100 megabits per second, but, obviously, that's going to be dependent on your device, as well. 

      Function Button - There's also a cool little feature you be able to create your own button, your own function button, then assign what that button does. So, if there's something you are using over and over again that's in one of the menus, you want quick access to that, just like how you can with a professional camera, you can set up your own function button in this as well. 

      Hardware Support - There is also some hardware support for the Zhiyun Gimbal. So, not as much hardware support as we've seen in the other two apps, but it is cool that they've got that in there as well. 

      Pricing - 

      The app itself is actually free. And then you can just pay to unlock certain elements inside of the app depending on what you need to do. So you can unlock the viewfinder options, which is going to give you focus peaking, false color, expanded focus, and more. You can unlock extra recording formats or higher bitrates. You can unlock the Pro Tools, so the white balance, audio controls, the function button, and presets. And there's also timecode unlocking and unlocking for Gimbal support as well.

      Last Word -

      So, I'd say Mavis is going to be perfect for someone who is definitely at that intermediate level through to advance level. I really think a beginner is just going to get lost and overwhelmed in here, but for someone at that intermediate to advanced, there is an amazing feature set, a lot of control, and, again, a lot of those pro features that you would see on professional video cameras in this app.

      Conclusion - 

      These are the top 3 best camera apps for iPhone 2020  all the apps which we discussed is the best apps for the camera on the iPhone. So, out of those shortlisted apps, if I had to pick just one, one overall winner, it is gonna go to FiLMiC Pro. I really do think that it is the best bang for the buck. I love that cinematographer kit and having access to that extra color control in there. when I'm quickly trying to capture something on my phone. For those shots, I'm just using the built-in camera on my phone, but for everything else, where I want it to look great, I'm gonna be able to spend that time to lock everything down, it's FiLMiC Pro, hands down. So, These are the top 3 best camera apps for iPhone 2020 



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      Apps Keeda : Top 3 Best Camera Apps for iPhone In 2020
      Top 3 Best Camera Apps for iPhone In 2020
      This is the complete round-up of the best camera apps for iPhone right now in 2020
      Apps Keeda
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