Top 4 Best Free Apps To Increase Instagram Followers | Increase Your Likes and Followers For Free

What if I tell you can get 1000's of likes and followers in just one click using this awesome Free Instagram Followers & Likes Apps.

In this article, we will discuss the Top 4 Best Free Apps which help you to increase your followers as well as likes on Instagram.

If you want to be famous or if you want your business page to do good on Instagram you have to learn about how the Instagram algorithm works & why Organic likes are so important for your Instagram page or profile and we will learn how to get 1000+ likes without spending single penny using this Instagram followers&Likes free apps.
Not Just likes these apps will definitely help you to increase your followers very quickly and organically.

Top 5 Best Free Apps to increase Instagram followers

Top 4 Best Free Instagram Followers & Likes Apps

NO. Apps Rating
1 Fanlift Plus 3.2/5
2 GetInsta 4.2/5
3 AbGram 3.7/5
4 TopZing 3.5/5

We researched the internet and came across these top 4 free apps which help you to increase your post likes and profile followers for absolutely free.

Note - These apps which we about to discuss are not 100% Safe & Secure. Appskeeda will tell you tips & tricks on how you can use these apps without any privacy concerns. ( Multi-Account Login System )

What Is the Multi-Account Login System?

Multi-Account Login System helps you to login with one of your FAKE ACCCOUNT and earn Points/Coins and then use these points to earn free Instagram followers likes with entering your main account password. It just required your username to redeem these Points/Coins for free Instagram followers, Likes & Views.

Some of these apps have a Multi-Account Login System some are not. we will discuss this one by one and look at what these apps offer. 

1. Fanlift Plus

Fanlift Plus Icon

Fanlift Plus previously known by name Fanlift. There is nothing mingled about this app Fanlift Plus is easy to use & simple to work to gain some Instagram Followers, Likes & Views for free. 

How it works -

Fanlift works on the basic concept to follow other accounts and like someone other posts to gain points and use those points to get urself some Followers, Likes & Views.

How To Gain Points on Fanlift - 

There are two ways to gain points on Fanlift Plus

1. Follow and likes other users profile and posts

Method Points
1 Follow 5 Points
1 Like 2 Points

2. Buy Points

1 USD700 Points
2.99 USD2400 Points

What Fanlift Plus Offer -

You can redeem your points in Threeways - 

Instagram Followers
200 Points30 Followers
400 Points60 Followers

Instagram Likes
200 Points50 Likes
400 Points100 Likes

Instagram Views
200 Points50 Views
400 Points100 Views

Fanlift Plus Pros

  • Easy To Use
  • Auto Likes & Follow
  • High Redeem Points
  • Provide all Instagram Services

Fanlift Plus Cons

  • Poor Interface
  • Custom Likes & Follow is Not Available
  • Security issue ( No Multi-Account Login System )

2. GetInsta

GetInsta logo

GetInsta is one of the best-organized apps in this list of  Top 4 Best Free Apps to increase Instagram followers & Likes. It's very easy to use with a great interface.

How it works -

GetInsta Also works on the same concept as Fanlift Plus follow other users' accounts and like someone posts to gain points and use those Coins to get urself lots of  Followers and Likes in one click for free.

How To Gain Coins On GetInsta - 

GetInsta gives you only one way to collect coins.

Follow and likes other users profile and posts

1 Follow100 Coins
1 Like20 Coins

What GetInsta Offer -

GetInsta gives you two options to get yourself free likes & followers.

1. Redeem Coins For Instagram Followers & Likes -

Instagram Followers
1600 Coins10 Followers
4600 Coinss30 Followers

Instagram Likes
749 Coins50 Likes
1399 Coins100 Likes


2. Buy Likes & Followers -

Price of Instagram Likes

Price of  Instagram Followers


GetInsta Pros

  • Easy To Use
  • Attractive Interface
  • High Redeem Points
  • Multi-Account Login System ( Best For Security )

GetInsta Cons

  • Instagram Views Option Missing
  • Time Taking Process
  • Little Bit Expensive
  • No Auto Follow and Like Option Available.

3. ABGram


You won't need to work on the ABGram for free likes, Followers Comments, etc you just log in-app using your Instagram Id password & you are ready to go. AbGram works as Instagram likes, comments exchange system known as the Instagram auto liker, and auto commenter which gives free Instagram auto likes and comments to your public Instagram posts.

How it works -

AbGram uses your PCX access token for liking, commenting purposes. Once you are logged in to ABGram using your Instagram Id ABGram access your token and unable you all the option available in ABGram like Autocommenting, Autolike, Country Like ETC.

NOTE: You Can Only Use There Services 30 Times In a Day.

What GetInsta Offer -

  • Auto Liker
  • Auto Followers
  • Country Auto Liker
  • Auto Commenter
  • Comment Likes


ABGram Pros

  • Easy To Use
  • No Time consumption
  • No points/Coins System
  • Lots of Free Instagram Services Available

ABGram Cons

  • Average Interface
  • Security Issue ( You have to give them your Insta Id & password )
  • Sometimes Drop Issue



TopZing is the only app on this list that is available on the play store. TopZing also works on the same process as Fanlift Plus & GetInsta.

How it works -

To gain free followers, Likes, Views Etc You have to earn coins & diamonds and with these coins and diamonds, you can order yourself free followers and likes. 

How To Gain Coins & Diamonds On TopZing - 


1. Earn Coins

TopZing comes with Auto-Mod system in which you have to press the button start and it will automatically start following, liking, and commenting on people's posts or profiles and meanwhile, you earn coins.

2. Buy Coins

You can buy coins and then use them to get followers, likes views, etc.



There is only one way to get diamonds. You have to buy them!!
we don't talk about diamonds much because this article is about Free Apps to increase Instagram followers. If you want to buy them you can check on TopZing App.

What TopZing Offer -

  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Views
  • Story Views
  • Comments


GetInsta Pros

  • Easy To Use
  • Play Store App
  • Attractive Interface
  • Easy To Earn Coins
  • High Redeem Points
  • Lots of Free Instagram Services Available
  • Multi-Account Login System ( Good For Security )

GetInsta Cons

  • Some Time Auto System Stops Working 
  • No Way To Earn Free Diamonds
  • Manual Option Missing


These are appskeeda Best Free Apps To Increase Instagram Followers. You can Increase up to 5k followers in just one week using these apps.
My personal fav. are GetInsta & ABGram. 
Tell me about your favorite app in the comment section below or if you have any doubt feel free to contact us.  

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