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Today we going to show you how to download videos from twitter to your smartphone or Desktop for free in an effortless way.

How to download video from twitter
How to download video from twitter

Twitter has widely used social media platform all over the world from breaking news and entertainment to sports, gaming, politics, and everyday interests when it happens in the world, it happens on Twitter first.

There are lots of videos available on twitter which users tweet daily. Some of them are entertaining, and some are of political or accidents and lots of viral videos as well. Still, you can only watch these videos on twitter app or twitter web. When you were connected to the internet, you cant download the videos from the Twitter app or Twitter web, and that's why we are here for you. We gonna show you how to download video from twitter to your smartphone or pc.

Downloading Twitter Video is not hard at all; you can easily download any twitter video just in one click. There is a lot of tools available online in which you have to paste the twitter video URL, and you can easily download that video. In android, the process becomes much more comfortable. There is a specific app available on the play store to download the twitter video.

How To Download Twitter Videos In Desktop

There are a lot of online tools available in which you can easily download twitter videos by pasting the tweet URL in the online tool.

Best Online Tools To Download Twitter Videos

Savetweetvid is one of the best online tools in which you can download twitter Videos, GIF, and Audio Files easily.

You just need to copy the tweet URL which you are looking to download. There are two methods to copy the tweet URL. First, Just right click on the video which you are looking to download on twitter and copy the Video Address or open the tweet by pressing on the tweet and copy the link address which is present in the address bar of your web browser.

Paste The Video, GIF, or Audio URL in the Savetweetvid website where 'Enter Twitter URL' written.


Enter Your URL In the Box and Press Download.

After you press the download button, you will be able to download your video In Different resolution, Like 320p, 480p, and 720p. You can also convert your video file into Mp3 format by using this tool.


This is one the best online tool to download twitter Videos, Audios, and GIFs In your Desktop. Also, there are lots of Other Online Tools available on the web which work the same as Savetweetvid Like Twitter Video Downloader and Twdown.

How To Download Twitter Videos In Android

Downloading Twitter Video On Android is much easier than download on the web. There are lots of apps available on the Play Store, which helps you to download your twitter Videos, gifs, and audio.
App like, 

There are 3 simple steps to download twitter videos from this app.

Steps to download twitter video

Step 1 - Select your tweet and press the share button and select Share Tweet via...
Step 2 - Select Twitter Video Downloader App
Step 3 - Press the Download button in the app and enjoy it.
The Video is in your gallery.

  • There are lots of cool features available in the app like,

Download Twitter Videos - Twitter video downloader

So ya! if you are an android user, you must go for this app to download your twitter Videos.
If you want to use another app, you have a lot of options apps like Video Downloader for Twitter, and Video Downloader will help you for sure.

NOTE- You can also download twitter video on your android phone without downloading any app just by following our web method on your android smartphone browser. Just follow the same steps which we discussed earlier in the web section.

How To Download Twitter Videos In IOS

There is no specific app for the IOS users to download Twitter videos directly to your phone memory. Still, you can use Savetweetvid in your IOS device to download the twitter videos easily just by pasting the tweet link in the Savetweetvid Bar, and you can also select the quality of video you want.

Apple phone users always fight with this type of difficulty, and that's why Appskeeda is here to help you in all possible ways.

So ya! for the IOS users, it is the best option for you to go to Savetweetvid and download any twitter videos, gifs, or audio you want. Easily!

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